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Twin Flames

Liquid & Waterproof liquid pigment ! 

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Twin Flames





What it is

A multi-chrome, high impact liquid shadow that displays an ethereal shift between two shades that complement each other. When applied, its high pigment immediately resonates through a dazzling multi-dimensional chrome look. Whether you’re feeling bold & vibrant or holographic & whimsical, one swipe is all it takes to experience a dynamic shadow with no creasing, no fallout, and no streaks that is 100% eye safe! This limited edition set includes all 10 multi-dimensional shades.

What it does

  • Acts as a stand-alone eyeshadow, lip, or cheek.
  • Opacity allows for a smooth transition of each color when reflected directly into the light and delivers crease-proof, all day wear!
  • Optimized for a masterful, dual color explosion.

How to use it

  • Apply directly with the applicator to the eyes and face and simply blendwith your finger or a brush to your desired intensity.
  • Layer Colorfix Glaze over application for a glossy finish.
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