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Price €14.92

TAXI Palette, 5 sections.Ideal for depositing your products (concealer, correctors), but also for storing and your hair accessories such as clips, barrettes or your cotton swabs (we also recommend MY SMALL or MINI ON POINT BUDS cotton swabs, from Mykitco which are very very thin and fabulous for a fine line! The bag is lighter, more compact and saves...

The Dropper - Set de 24


Price €18.33

Ideal for all liquids and loose powders.  The Droppers are sold in a set of 24 15 ml capacity-about half a bottle of foundation. 3" Height  Child proof cap so nothing comes loose.  Needle nose tip for precise dispensing.

The Funnel


Price €2.92

The Funnel fits our Dropper bottles perfectly and is a necessary accessory to up your depotting game.  Works well with loose powders and liquids to make filling and refilling a breeze.  Stainless Steel

My Small 'on point' Buds


Price €5.42

50 x fine-pointed makeup correcting cotton buds for perfect precision! Head Material: 100% Natural CottonHandle Material: Paper Total Length: 76mmHead Length: 9mm Handle Length: 73mm Head Diameter: 2.6mmHandle Diameter: 1.52mmQuantity in a Pack: 50 Buds

My Face Charts x15


Price €14.08

MYKITCO.™ Facecharts are your essential makeup design accessory. Printed on high quality, perfectly textured paper, designed for easy makeup application that holds product where you want - MYKITCO.™ Facecharts allow you to plan your looks for both personal and professional needs.

My Clear Palette


Price €10.42

This lightweight, clear palette is your hygienic way to decant product whilst making it super easy to swatch colours. Comes with a handy mini spatula for decanting and custom mixing. A great addition to your makeup kit.

3 Pan Pods (x2)


Price €8.25

MYO Cosmetics Pods will carry all your creams, gels, lotions, lipsticks, foundation (and more) in the perfect amount to lighten up your travels. Only take what you need! These completely airtight products will not let in air or water. The inserts of these pods are removable and can be removed for single use of the pod and facilitate cleaning.Size...