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Bundle Kit Retouche


Regular price €39.17 -€5.20 Price €33.97

The essentials for a touch-up kit gathered in this bundle! These three palettes can contain your cream products such as concealers, lipsticks, greasy shadows, etc. This bundle contains: - A Mango palette - A Bella palette - A Seneca palette

Bundle Glitter Fever

Regular price €56.50 -€7.50 Price €49.00

Save with the bundle! A glitter duo to highlight your makeup! Mix sizes and colors of sequins for even more creativity. It contains : - 1 Space jam Midnight Scociety - 1 Space paste Lovesick - 1 silicone brush 

Bundle Shadow Potion

Regular price €58.33 -€7.70 Price €50.63

Save with the bundle! Your most fantastic looks will be achieved thanks to this duo of Shadow Potion duochrome! This bundle contains: - 1 Slumber Party Shadow Potion -1 Shadow Potion Snooze - 1 silicone brush

Bundle Basic Tools

Regular price €40.75 -€5.30 Price €35.45

Save with the bundle! The tools that will help you on a daily basis gathered in a pallet for optimal transport and space saving. Contains : - 1 Taxi pallet - 1 pack of Flexi brushes (x20) - 1 pack of Tappered brushes (x20) - 1 pack of Pin Balls (x20) - 1 packet of Small Buds (x50) - 1 packet of Mini Buds (x20)

Bundle Neon Fever

Regular price €77.92 -€10.30 Price €67.62

Save with the bundle! Create your most festive looks with the Glow Jam! These 3 colorful shades complement each other perfectly and fluoresce with UV light. This bundle contains:   - 3 Glow Jams (Electric Daze, Commando, Hollywood) - Silicon brush - UV lamp