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Infinite Gemstone Collection

Danessa Myricks

Price €60.00

A multichrome, jewel-inspired kit containing 1 new shade of our award-winning Twin Flames multichrome pigment and 2 never before seen Infinite Chrome Micropencils.  The water-proof formula of Twin Flames and Infinite Chrome Micropencils provides high-intensity, smudge-proof multichrome color. The Infinite Chrome Micropencils feature a micro-fine tip...

3 shades available

Groundwork Palette

Danessa Myricks

Price €69.58

This palette will become your essential ! The 10 shades are available in cream and powder textures that easily apply to the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and lips. Being infused with Ubsalite, the sebum-regulating effect is immediate and long-lasting. Create dimension with textures that can be used together or separately ! Apply cream shadows to shape...