List of products by brand MYKITCO

0.18 - My Stippling Fondation


Price €15.75

This ultra-light stippling makeup brush is made of duo synthetic fibres which controls both cream and liquid products beautifully. The feather-like flexible tip allows for the lightest touch when creating sheer, luminous foundation. MY STIPPLING FOUNDATION™ is also perfect for lovers of cream highlighter and blush.

0.2 - My Precision Concealer


Price €12.08

My Precision Concealer™ has a sculpted synthetic fibre brush head designed to pinpoint areas that need extra coverage and for the delicate contours around the eye. The ultra fine domed tip helps to deposit the perfect amount of product and is especially suited to liquid and cream formulas.

0.4 - My Defining Contour


Price €17.75

My Defining Contour™ has a gently curved brush head that fits precisely into the contours of the face. Whether you’re sculpting cheeks, the temples or jaw line the soft natural fibers blend product with ease ensuring you create a seamless finish with both powder or cream formulas.