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Eye Brush

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0.18 - My Stippling Fondation


Price €20.75

This ultra-light stippling makeup brush is made of duo synthetic fibres which controls both cream and liquid products beautifully. The feather-like flexible tip allows for the lightest touch when creating sheer, luminous foundation. MY STIPPLING FOUNDATION™ is also perfect for lovers of cream highlighter and blush.

1.14 - My Detailing Crease


Price €19.17

My Detailing Crease™ has a gently pointed brush head made from plush natural fibers. The silky fibers allow for exceptional product pick up and dispersion while the crafted tip fits snugly in to the crease of the eye, helping to achieve an expertly defined finish.

1.17 - My Tiny Angle


Price €15.75

My Tiny Angle™ has an ultra fine angled brush head made from synthetic fibre. The shape of this brush allows for microfine HD detailing work when lining the eyes or adding definition to precise beauty looks.

P365 Stylist Designer Brush


Price €16.67

A wicked little brush that is capable of painting fine to medium size lines with ease and precision on the face or body.  This brush is amazing for the application of concealer and lip color as well. Created with our new Black Silk fiber that is the softest fiber available to care for delicate skin.

1.10 - My Sharp Angle


Price €15.42

My Sharp Angle™ has a precisely shaped brush head made from synthetic fiber that controls the application of liquid, cream and powder products. This detailing brush lets you add shape and definition when lining the eyes or shaping the brows.