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Rouge and Rogue

Price €11.00

Oh, this sexy lil' thang? She’s as faux-minky as she is kinky. Multilayered wisps fan out from a more densely packed band to give lashes a natural appearance in this dual tapered style. Kink is part of the Epic Collection – our luxe faux mink, vegan-friendly line of luxurious lashes. Not your average synthetic lash.

XS pans (x80)


Price €11.25

The XS Pans are great for lips, concealers, or anything for your touch-up kit. Sold in sets of 80 to fill The Compact.  Dimensions: 12mm x 13mm Responsive to magnets.

My Mini Twin Canvas Pouch


Price €20.75

MY TWIN CANVAS POUCH™ is your perfect kit organiser. With two compartments, you can separate products however you want!  The rectangular shape with convenient handle helps you stack and store, then simply unzip down the middle and it lays perfectly flat with your two PVC windows letting you see exactly what you have inside. 

Dazzle Stars

Face Lace

Price €15.00

We introduce to you the stickers that will revolutionize your makeup! Easily give a graphic dimension to your looks with Face Lace stickers. Apply and done!  Reusable.

Rouge and Rogue - Noirella

Rouge and Rogue

Price €11.00

Noirella. a little lash fairy of the night -  has granted your one lash wish with this super fluffy, tapered, multi-angled style. This lash is perfect for those who want volume without over the top length - making it a favorite for every day wear and day/night looks. Noirella is part of the Epic Collection - our luxe faux mink, vegan-friendly line of...

My XL Canvas Pouch


Price €17.50

One of our most popular bags has been super-sized! MY XL CANVAS POUCH™ is perfect for storing larger bits of kit, especially if you need a bag for hair products too. This bag can easily fit your hairdryer and larger product bottles, such as hairspray, that would normally roll loose around your kit.